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21 April 2018
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My vital statistics

by Advertiser, in Sport · 05-01-2017 14:29:00 · 0 Comments

Well a Happy New Year to you all! I can only speak for myself, this festive period has been very special. We got to say goodbye to a particularly difficult year and now have the chance to plan for the future.

I think it is fair to say that I have tested the phrase “Death by Chocolate” to its ultimate level, obviously I survived but as it stands right now, I don’t feel the need to eat in January. When I say 2016 was difficult, I mean as a Tournament player, I played in exactly zero tournaments.
In fact, I have only played 36 holes of leisure golf in the past twelve months. This was due to an uncomfortable foot injury combined with a hectic coaching diary. Over the past two months some great work has been undertaken on my foot which seems to have alleviated the pain, which means practice is now possible. But here is the big problem; I am rapidly approaching 50, topping eighteen stone, my cardiovascular activity is at zero, I have a love affair with sugar (especially refined) and if you were to look back at any gathering I have been at over the past twenty-five years you would most likely find a picture of me with a beer or glass in my hand.
I am, at present, the antithesis of everything athletic. In a game which has become more lean, mean and competitive I really have moved to the opposite side of the spectrum. The aspect which gives me more concern is that for the last ten years coaching has become a larger part of my life - not playing. That in its own right has been no cause for concern, I’ve loved the transition from playing to coaching, it’s the fact that I have always wanted to play Senior Tour in the States. I am now thirty-two months away from that date.
So, a plan has to be formed and formed immediately. Whilst coaching you will hear me say, when giving some coaching advice, “I would never ask you to do something which I haven’t done in the past.” So as of today I have done an assessment of my current condition as a human and as a golfer. Another often heard quote from the studio is when implementing a new position or move, “this will never feel as awkward as it does right now.” I wholeheartedly hope that this is going to be true of my current state. Although I suspect that the real test is going to be in a couple of days when the cravings kick in and resolve wanes.
Here is the plan, I am writing this to put pressure on myself; if nearly twenty thousand people can read this, then I am going to be serious with you. This isn’t a ‘post it’ on the fridge. This is a thirty-two month plan to get me ready for Senior Tour School.
My first goal is to take the pressure off my feet. With over 260 pounds of pressure going down into the floor through my feet, every second I am coaching, it’s no surprise that they have started complaining. I remember Mr Cooper, a biology teacher at my school, saying that losing weight is a very simple equation, if you consume less than you burn you will be slim, if you consume more than you burn you will be overweight.
Refined sugar has to go. Cadbury’s and Robinsons have to go. Even my darling wife’s cakes and brownies have to go. Alcohol has to become a treat not an accompaniment to a meal. Flexibility has to increase, as does output. I need to get out on the course to start with, then increase the output. My vital statistics are as follows; waist at widest = 50 inches, weight as of 3.1.17 = 261 pounds, club head speed for my 6 iron = 81 mph with a strike average of 1.36, club head speed Driver 97.1 mph with a strike average of 1.47.
This is going to be my journey and these are my vital statistics. If this article has peaked your interest and you would like to have some direction for 2017, we can set up an appointment to discuss your route to better golf and a longer playing career.
Give us a call on 912 263 555. My name is Neil and I am a Sugar addict.


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Edition 1471
21 April 2018
Edition: 1471

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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