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23 June 2018
Edition: 1480

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New petition launched to stop horse cruelty

in News · 12-10-2017 14:54:00 · 0 Comments

A new petition has been launched by the ‘Four Paws’ movement to stop cruelty to horses the country over, and by the time of going to press had gathered close to 10,000 signatures.

“All over the country there are horses being mistreated, abandoned and even slaughtered” the movement said in its petition’s mission statement.
Their objective of the petition (www.peticaopublica.com - Melhoramento das Leis para protecção de Equideos), which was launched on 3 October, is to improve laws that govern the protection of horses and mammals of the horse family (law number 69/2014 of 29 August) and alter punishment for those inflicting neglect.
The petition was launched in conjunction with the horse charity Their Voice, which was established in Portugal in 2012 and over the past five years, has rescued and helped over three thousands horses in Portugal.
Mafalda Campos, head of the movement, said “the law states that equine are livestock. But that was true 50 or 100 years ago”, and stressed a horse that lives on a farm is no less of a pet just because it is not kept inside the home.
Those who have signed the petition believe there has been a rise in the number of cases of horse neglect in recent times, and they therefore want an end to “the abandonment of equidae and the seizure of those that are without decent conditions.”
“Some are often exposed to adverse weather conditions (from prolonged exposure to the sun to the lack of shelter from storms), and to death and abandonment without any kind of intervention by police forces and lack supervision by the supervisory authority (DGAV)”, the petition reads.
In Ms. Campos’ opinion, “it does not make sense that a person who hits a dog can be arrested but if it is a horse they get a light fine at most”.
Therefore, the authors of the petition suggest that a microchip should define the purpose of the animal: if it belongs to a stud farm, a company or if it is a pet, the chip should establish who the owner is and where it is sheltered.
Another proposal is that horses which are not registered as livestock, and are instead used as entertainment animals or for sporting purposes not identified in their microchip, are considered to be covered by and integrated into Law no. 69/2014, of August 29, which criminalises the mistreatment of animals.
More inspections by police authorities, large fines and “refuges” for animals that are seized are other proposals.
And while the petition already has enough signatures to take the matter to parliament for debate, Mafalda Campos hopes that it will received even more.
Therefore on Sunday 15 October at 3 pm, representatives of the movement will be out and about in several Portuguese cities - Amadora, Lisbon, Braga, Coimbra and Porto - to gather more signatures on paper.


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Edition 1480
23 June 2018
Edition: 1480

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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