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22 September 2018
Edition: 1493

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Portugal votes this Sunday

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Around 9.3 million people will be able to cast a vote in the municipal elections this Sunday. The ballot will see local residents being asked to elect the members of 308 town halls in 3,092 parish councils.

Portugal votes  this Sunday

Portuguese and foreignregistered voters from EU member states and some Portuguese-speaking counties will this Sunday be participating in the 12th municipal elections in 43 years of democracy.

A total of 35,683 local representatives were elected in the ballot four years ago, which is more than the entire population of Portimão in the Algarve.

The Socialist Party, which is currently in government, also elected the highest number of officials in the 2013 elections.

The PS currently hold 150 councils, followed by the Social Democrats (PSD) with 106.

Interest in local elections has also dwindled over the years, with abstention in 2013 reaching its highest ever, with 47.4 percent of local residents opting not to decide the future of their towns and cities.

Numerous town halls have over the years changed hands due to a handful of votes.

In Lagoa, with more than 18,000 who are eligible to vote, the Socialist Party came to power thanks to a majority of 223 votes. Parish councils in the city such as Ferragudo and Porches, were won by fewer than 50 votes.

Large cities such as Albufeira and Faro were also won by the smallest of margins.

Albufeira, with 33,000 voters, elected its town council thanks to a majority of fewer than 600 votes. While the 56,000 registered voters in the Algarve capital elected its mayor and councillors with a difference of 395 votes.

The Portugal News will be following the municipal elections closely and will be publishing results of all the major cities and towns as they become available on Sunday evening and Monday morning.


Can we cast our vote online? Thank you dzampini@shaw.ca
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Edition 1493
22 September 2018
Edition: 1493

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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