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19 May 2018
Edition: 1475

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Two men, French-Portuguese nationals, arrested with weapons

in News · 16-02-2017 12:47:00 · 1 Comments

Two brothers of Portuguese descent have been arrested for possession of illegal weapons in the north-eastern Portuguese city of Guarda, following a search of their house and vehicles, where a copy of the Quran was also found, television station SIC Notícias and newspaper Jornal de Notícias reported.

According to newspaper Jornal de Notícias, the Guarda PJ police has been investigating the two brothers, aged 23 and 27, who have been living for three months in a village in the Almeida council area, on suspicion of links to radical Islamic groups.
Early this morning, SIC Notícias also reported that the two men, of Portuguese descent, had been arrested on Friday after a search of their home in whichwas found “two 9 millimetre pistols, ammunition, a knuckle duster and an aerosol, and one of the weapons was wrapped in a bloody rag.”
According to the TV station the two men have a criminal background in France, where they were involved in crimes including robberies and fraud.
A copy of the Holy Quran, Islam’s sacred text, was also found in the house and one of the suspects said he had converted to Islam four years ago.
The two men said they had been sent to Portugal by their mother, who lives in France, who asked them to tend to their father’s grave, which is in the area.
SIC Notícias, said the PJ had started its investigation in January when one of the brothers checked into a local hospital with a bullet wound to the leg. He was unable to explain how he had been shot and said that he had been walking his dog when he heard a noise and realised he had been hit.


For well over 30 years until recently, I was living and working in Portugal, and still visit for 2 x 6 week holidays each year.
I have always told my Family, my Friends, and fellow country-folk here in the U.K; that due to the Friendly, Laid-Back and Happy nature of the Portuguese Citizsns, I have always felt Safe & very Happy.
However, I have noticed that over the past decade or so, since 'Open Boarders' were introduced, I have experienced many Eastern Europeans coming to live and work in Portugal. And at the same time, Portuguese Citizens, (Many of who are my Friends), are happily living, working, and paying their Taxes etc; in the UK.
The point I am making is that since 'Open Borders' were introduced, both Portugal and the UK, as well as most of the other Western European Countries, has 'Imported' many many Criminals from Eastern European Countries.
I am sure that 30 years ago, these young Portuguese/French Men, who obviously travelled out of Portugal to get radicalised, would never have know anything about Islam..!
by Gordon Hill from UK on 19-02-2017 08:44:00

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Edition 1475
19 May 2018
Edition: 1475

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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